Our Fallen World 1st Edition

Welcome to the first edition of ‘Our Fallen World’! So, what is this type of post exactly? This series will be random articles that I find interesting enough to share with my Christ-centered opinion added.

This post will be discussing ‘Grace vs. truth and the transgender pronoun debate: What should Christians do?’ an article written by Michael Brown from the Christian Post. That article can be found here.

With most news articles we are drawn in by the Headline. This one was no different. I clicked and began to read. Most of the article discussed a balance between being graceful and truthful; or speaking the truth in love. Which I find to be the best way of not only speaking on this topic but of how to actually approach everything in daily life, no matter what the sin or situation.

“We now live in a world where we are routinely expected to deny reality, deny science, deny biology, and deny truth. We are encouraged to live in denial, to believe lies, and to reject reason and rationality.” – Bill Muehlenberg

We do live in a fallen world and that means sin has corrupted everything. If sin is everywhere, and I am the most vilest, then I need to look at the world with a lens that is the love of Christ. If God loves me so much that He lived a life of constant sorrows, took on my sin, all the while letting me whip Him, spat on Him, mock Him, strip Him naked, and nail him to a tree. And died; for me. Rose from the dead, leaving my sin in the grave; for me. Gives me His righteousness; for me. Then I need to look at the world with that kind of love; that is a result of the Gospel.

No matter what the sin, there is a human person that Christ died for, and that person has so much worth. How then can we share the truth in love?

“Reach out to the LGBT community with compassion. Resist the LGBT agenda with courage.” – Michael Brown

With a humble heart, without logs in our eyes, knowing our own sin, what it cost, and the forgiveness for those with repentant faith. It is difficult to stand firm when it seems our whole world is persecuting those who disagree. Yet, while everyone is yelling; speak a message of Truth but in Love. To reach out in love, treat them as though they are the one lamb missing from the 99, and make them as comfortable as we can without leaving the truth behind.

That is often the hard part. The truth offends, it isn’t always easy to hear, but if given in love without finger wagging or any holier than thou attitudes; truth is palatable. Love is the sweetness that makes the truth easier to swallow. The Law is brutal, Truth must be proclaimed followed by the Gospel. Yet, if delivered in kindness, not trying to win an argument, but willing to give all and lose all, if just to plant a seed of Truth wrapped in a shell of Love, your sincerity will show through, and stand out from the yelling that the world is caught up in. The whole world is screaming, silence it out with the Love of Christ.

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