Our Fallen World 2nd Edition

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What if 23 states could ban abortion?

There is an article published in the Christian Post titled:

Abortion rights group fears 23 states may ban abortion if Roe is overturned by Supreme Court‘ by Michael Gryboski

As stated in the headline the article starts:

An abortion rights group is warning its supporters that as many as 23 states could pass laws banning abortion if the 1973 U.S. Supreme Court decision Roe v. Wade were to ever be overturned.

As I read this article I was flooded with hope. As I talk with others about my stance on things like Abortion, divorce, co-habitation, and homosexuals attempting to redifine marriage, I always state; “I am pre American Sexual Revolution“. All of these things are results from the ASR. All of these things attack the family, and all of these things harm children. The splitting up of the family with “no fault divorce” helped to break down protections for children by keeping the children with their biological parents.

We have now come so far as to call the murdering of children in the womb a “woman’s right”.

Of those 24, the pro-abortion group said 23 of the states “will likely try to prohibit abortion” should Roe be overturned, citing current state laws and regulations.

I find it puzzling that the taking of another human life is a human right. Whenever I have had a conversation on this topic with an abortion supporter I often try to discuss what rights women have over their bodies. This is because one of their main arguments is “my body, my choice”. This is the new “it is just a clump of cells” argument since science has disproven that. However, I was surprised to often here the unborn spoken of as a tumor or cancer to just be removed and discarded.

Our world is flooded with propaganda that dehumanizes the unborn. Much like what was done with dehumanizing the Jews during the Holocaust, dehumanizing blacks with slavery and segregation, they dehumanize the unborn claiming that the child isn’t human and doesn’t have a right to life.

Yet what rights do a woman have over her body? What seems glossed over is the fact that the male has no role or part in the creation of that life. The unspoken premise seems to be that a woman is either forced to have sex thus she has no say if she is pregnant and is forced to be pregnant if she doesn’t have the right to kill her child, or she created the child all on her own. However, this is obviously not the case. Sex makes babies. Children are the natural effect of sex of a male and female.

Yet, as these conversations continue, one thing is clear, in the mind of the pro-choice supporter the idea of abstaining from sex until she is ready for children is absurd. It makes no sense in her mind that abstainence is a choice that she has. It seems as though the ASR has destroyed the idea of family, responsibility, and respect.

Being responsible for your actions, being responsible for what you do with your body, that is your time to choose; not after you have created life.

It boggles my mind that we have come to a day that being responsible for your actions is not only a silly thought, it’s ludacris in their minds. When the true ludicrousy is that your right to sex trumps the life that is naturally created by perfoming such act. Sex without natural consequences, sex without life, sex without love; lust at all costs even if it means murder.

Men are the other victims of such abuse. The father has zero say in the life of his child. This is often glossed over as well due to what I had previously said about the odd unspoken premise behind it all that either all women are forced to have sex or that she created the child on her own. Why don’t the father’s have a say? You both agreed to have sex, this you both agreed to the possibility of children coming from such a union, yet the father is left without a voice as his child is slaughtered because the mother wouldn’t want to be “inconvenienced” by her child.

In 2018, the Center for Reproductive Rights released a report arguing that if Roe were overturned, 22 states would likely ban abortion, and labeled those states as being where “the right to abortion is at the highest risk of loss.”

If we could abolish human abortion we could save millions of lives. It won’t be easy, but the way we can love our neighbor, both those unborn and born, is to speak the truth in love. Loving them in words and actions. Helping others to understand that they are a body, and they can control what they do with it, and that they should love, honor, and respect themselves, those whom they create life with, and those that they create in the womb.

Out of love we speak the truth for those that don’t have a voice, out of love we speak the truth for humans that are dehumanized, and out of love we speak the Law to those who murder, and out of Love we speak the Gospel to those who have their conscience troubled because they have murdered.

God is Just and God is Love. He is both in Christ’s substitutionary atonement for the world. The world needs this message of Law and Gospel for it is the power of God for the salvation of the world. (Rom 1:16)

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