When Anti-Discrimination is Still Discrimination

Welcome to another edition of ‘Our Fallen World’

Today I will be discussing an article from Business Insider titled:

Jeff Bezos now has 3 women in his elite S-Team exec squad but they’re still massively outnumbered by 19 men‘ by Isobel Asher Hamilton

As I read this article I saw a familiar theme standing out. That theme is propagated in our current culture as this idea that the more you can identify as a victim the more worth you have and the more you are untitled to.

Amazon has been accused of having pale (white), male, and stale management in the past. (Emphasis added)

Basing People’s Worth on sex and race is still Racism and Sexism

Ideology that states gender and race is more of a qualifying factor than skill and experience is an ideology that is not only unfair to those who may have earned it and lost because of their sex and race, but is in itsself racist and sexist, because it teaches you to see people not for their humanity first but their sex and race.

Imagine if this same quota were used by firemen or EMTs for lives saved. What if there were outrage that a unit were saving more white males than any other group.. even though correlation doesn’t mean causation.

What if they felt the social pressure to be more diverse Who would be passed over from life saving support because they didn’t fit the narrative?

In 2018 the company sparked outrage amongst its employees when the board opposed a shareholder proposalwhich would force it to consider women and minorities when selecting new board members. (Emphasis added)

This may not be an exact apples to apples comparison; yet, this already happens in the police department. The “tolerance” of this new age sees nothing but racism if the officer is white and the suspect isn’t. Instead of an officer of the law and a potential suspect, they seem to only see a white man with power and a victim of that power. Thus, should the cop let the suspect go based on race or social stigma; to blame another white male instead regardless of evidence?

Discrimination is still Discrimination

Would it be so bad to put the best spin on things? Can there be a reason why one gender has a position and the other one doesn’t without assuming sexism? Perhaps I am old fashioned, I just think that when it comes to being hired that sex and race should have nothing to do with getting hired or promoted.

When I say this most people are quick to agree because they think that, as the law states, you shouldn’t be discriminated for your sex and race. Yet that is what is done to those of certain races and sex today; if you’re white or a male you will be discriminated against and this is simply not only a violation of the law; it is racist and it is sexist and it is dehumanizing.

Love your neighbor, they are human, they are a person, they are loved by God, and God died for them as He did you.