A Christian Cannot be a Christian While Comingling Law and Gospel

Sometimes Christian’s can turn Jesus into a new Moses, or moral example. Mixing salvation based upon the holiness of the individual. Turning the Christian life into the proof of salvation. Thus taking the focus off of the Promise given by Christ and placing it into the work of the changed life. Making the focus of the Christian’s life works instead of grace.

The problem is if you comingle Law and Gospel, you remain under the curse of the Law (Gal 3:10) since everyone is under a curse who hasn’t continued in and fulfilled the Law. If you don’t properly separate Law and Gospel you cannot be a Christian. A pagan, or some other religion yes, but a Christian, saved by grace alone through faith alone, by Christ alone, no.

The world and all its religions are based on the works of the individual [Law]. Christianity is based on God’s works in the Person of Christ, His active and passive obedience, through His life, death, and resurrection; done for you [Gospel].

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