Is Trump Jesus?

Welcome to a new edition of ‘Our Fallen World’

Today’s topic comes from a post in the BBC called ‘Republican compares Trumps impeachment to Jesus’ Trial.’

Now his speech is clearly ludicrous. Openly comparing the biblical account of Jesus’ trial to that of a modern day president is a bit of a stretch. Not to mention that Congressman Barry Loudermilk allegorized the text, and even did so in an odd way.

Most people who want to allegorize Scripture seem to always place themselves as the hero of the text. Yet, he moralizes Pilate in his speech. Saying that Pilate had done a better job in his trial of Jesus and so we should be like Pilate and have compassion on… Trump/Jesus?

Wait, Trump is Jesus?

Yeah, that’s right, He not only tells us a moralizing story to be more like Pilate, but compared Trump as Jesus in this story.

There is only one Jesus, and none of us will ever fit that bill, because Jesus is God in the flesh and we are all sinful fallen humans.

This is what usually happens when you take a biblical text and try to eisegete yourself into it. You are always the hero, and you are always the one needing to overcome some obstacle or to become a better person.

However, that is missing the whole point! This is a crazy example at how far allegorizing the text can go, when you not only moralize the person who sentenced Jesus to death, but place someone, a fallen sinful person, as Jesus in the allegory.

Eisegesis or Exegesis?

This is not how we read holy Scripture. Exegetically, we read from Scripture not into Scripture (eisegesis). Moralizing the passage, looking for good morals but overlooking the point is a bad place to be. Especially, when you overlook the main point which is that you are not righteous, the only one who is righteous is God. You are a condemned and lost sinner, and Jesus is God. God came down from heaven, born of a virgin by the Holy Spirit and took on human flesh. Lived a perfect life of obedience and then let us crucify Him.

God let us kill him. God took the punishment that we deserve in our place. God can’t also stay dead so He rose three days later giving us a blessed exchange; our sin and filthy rags of unrighteousness, for His holy righteousness. Our punishment for everlasting eternal life.

The point of Pilate giving Jesus over to death is not a morality tale about how to be a good judge; because he wasn’t, he willingly condemned Jesus to death knowing he was innocent. The point was to fulfil what Jesus came to do; to die for the unrighteous, to pay the penalty for their sins, so that they can be forgiven and go free.

That is the point of the immediate context and that is the point of the overall biblical context; that God will do what you cannot; to free you from the bondage of sin, death, and the devil. He did this not so that you could have a morality tale to emulate so that you could work your way to heaven or to be moraly superior to your neighbor. He did this out of love for you. Yes, you! He did this so that you could be free from your sins, free from eternal damnation, and free from your own moralizing ways of earning His love. God loves you that much, yes, you! Go in peace.

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