Personalized Faith

It is not enough to simply know that no one is righteous and all are in need of a Savior. Nor is it enough to know that Jesus died for the sins of the world. Without a personal faith, it is just knowledge. Faith that comes as a gift, faith that comes to you from God, is wrapped not in shiny paper, but in swaddling cloth. It comes not in pretty colors but in blood red, it comes not in a bow, but with a tag that says “From God, Your Father; To, YOU”. Faith comes personalized, with your name written in the blood of God. It is yours, for you, as if you were the only one He shed His precious blood for in that whole world of sinners. Personalized faith because your God, though He is the God and and Father of all, is your God, your Father, and He sent His Son to you as your personal Redeemer, through the Holy Spirit, who dwells in you, giving you new life and this personal faith because God loves YOU!

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