Safely through Another Week

“Safely through Another Week” by John Newton, 1725-1807 Text From: THE LUTHERAN HYMNAL (St. Louis: Concordia Publishing House, 1941)

1. Safely through another week God has brought us on our way; Let us now a blessing seek, Waiting in His courts today: Day of all the week the best, Emblem of eternal rest.

2. Mercies multilpied each hour Through the week our praise demand; Guarded by almighty power, Fed and guided by His hand, How ungrateful we have been In repaying love with sin!

3. While we pray for pard’ning grace Through the dear Redeemer’s name, Show Thy reconciled face, Look not on our sin and shame. From our worldly cares set free, May we rest this day in Thee!

4. As we come Thy name to praise, May we feel Thy presence near; May Thy glory meet our eyes While we in Thy house appear! Here afford us, Lord, a taste Of our everlasting feast.

5. May Thy Gospel’s joyful sound Conquer sinners, comfort saints; Make the fruits of grace abound, Bring relief for all complaints. Thus may all our Sabbaths prove Till we join the Church above.

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